Kamakura Studio



Mind・Body・Healthy diet
Beauty is a reflection of your state of mind.

State of mind・Body condition・Food choices
By balancing these 3 elements
we support you on your way to a more healthy and active life style.

Be yourself,
breathe deeply
enjoy the freedom that comes from good physical alignment.

※The classes are taught in Japanese except the bilingual class.

English available Yoga class 
from 9:30AM on Sunday , 11:30AM on Sunday, 15:30PM on Wednesday (Reservations required), 19:00PM on Wednesday, 18:30PM on Friday and 7:00AM on Saturday(Beach Yoga).


Yoga classes at SUGATA are offered by experienced teachers with a passion for yoga and a desire to help students advance in their practice. They will help you to deepen your physical practice, relax and create inner peace. The studio is equipped with a variety of props to help you take classes safely by modifying poses according to your physical condition. We offer classes for a variety of levels from basic to advanced.


Pilates is a system of exercises based on rehabilitation. It helps to develop a strong core and a flexible body by synchronizing breath and movement. Using various equipment such as Pilates rings, rubber bands and balance balls, you can effectively strengthen your inner muscles while decreasing stress on your joints. The class will leave you feeling refreshed.

Pre/Post Natal

We offer classes for pregnant women and new mothers with babies. Yoga & Pilates classes before and after childbirth help you to maintain balance of mind and body as you undergo the changes of becoming a new mother. Joining classes is a great opportunity to share your experiences with other pregnant women and new mothers.

【Pre Natal】
・Recommended after the 16th week of your pregnancy.
・Please get permission from your doctor to practice yoga.

【Post Natal】
・Recommended after the 4th week of your childbirth.
・Please get permission from your doctor to practice yoga.

・Recommended to help babies to be able to hold their heads up steadily and stand up by themselves.

・Recommended for children from the time they start walking up until 3 years of age.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are created to meet your specific needs. We offer semi-private, duo or trio sessions as well. You are welcome to take sessions with your partner, friends or even your parents.


Group lesson

  Rates(tax included price)
membership fee ¥0
Single class ¥3,000 ( trial  ¥2,000)
4 class ticket ¥10,800
(valid for 2 months except pre/post natal class)
10 class ticket ¥24,200
(valid for 3 months except pre/post natal class)
Monthly (5classes in a month) ¥10,800
Unlimited monthly night pass
 (After 6:00pm)

Private session

  Rates(tax included price)
yoga & pilates (Using the mat)
Solo ¥7,210
Duo ¥5,150
Trio ¥4,120
yoga & pilates (Using the mat)
Solo ¥10,800
Duo ¥7,710
Trio ¥6,180
pilates 60min
(Using the reformer, tower and mat)
4 session ticket(pilates) ¥28,840
 (valid for 2 months except pre natal class)

●Cancellation policy for private sessions●
Please contact us 2 days before your reserved date in order to avoid being charged.

Cancellation fee  
2 days before the reserved date 0%
Before 6:00pm the day before the reserved date 50%
On the reserved date 100%
group class 0%


Cancellation fee for pre natal  
The day before the reserved date 0%
On the reserved date 50%
group class 0%

Kamakura Studio Address:3-10 onarimachi kamakura, kanagawa